Dalit Children’s Death case in Haryana : Due to strong protest chief minister’s visit cancelled


Villagers this morning outside the village of Faridabad-Ballabhgarh highway was blocked.
Speaking to reporters after the meeting that he attacked the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, is an approach shared by the BJP and RSS, Rahul Gandhi Sonped around noon in the village visited the family of two children .
House fire killed two children and a half-year vaibhav and 11-month-old divya.
After the fire the children’s parents, the mother of children in hospital is in bad shape.
Police protection is provided to the Dalits for a year and eight policemen – deployed part of the team – has been suspended.
Eleven people, including a father-son duo, have been booked in the case, but only 3 arrests have been made so far. The rest are run away.