Malda riots: What actually led to sectarian violence


Malda, West Bengal’s Malda district Kaliachak police station and a dozen vehicles on fire on a crowd on Thursday continued to remain tense. Here in fact have led to communal violence.

A crowd of Indian Hindu Council leader Kamlesh Tewari during a protest rally against the police station and torched several vehicles Sunday after tension gripped West Bengal’s Malda district

Protest rally was organized by the Muslim organization – Anjuman Sunnatul Jamaat Ahle (AJS)

Kamlesh Tewari had called the Prophet Muhammad first in the world gay. Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister and senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan called RSS members lesbians came a day after the deposition of Ti.

BJP Wednesday only 9 out of 130 arrested accused of shielding an accused is accusing the government of Mamata Banerjee. Also taking place after the arrest, bail hours of 9 with 6 left.

Shamik Bhattacharya, a BJP MLA in West Bengal was taken into custody Wednesday. He said Sunday’s violence, which was not allowed to visit Kaliachak village.

Malda center sectarian violence has now sought a report from the West Bengal government. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on January 18 is expected to visit West Bengal’s Malda district

Because of the large amount of public property were attacked by mob

Malda district continued for the third day was to witness violence

Section 144 is still in the area since Sunday is imposed

Additional security forces including RAF personnel situation is under control, to face any untoward incident has been posted

Malda’s Sujapur in Kaliachak police station in the district is Muslim, West Bengal will go to the polls this year.

Kamlesh Tewari demanding the death penalty in Muzaffarnagar were gathered around one million Muslims.