It does not matter if others do not think of me as kind, beautiful, loving as far as I believe that I am

It does not matter if others do not think of me as kind, beautiful, loving as far as I believe that I am
It does not matter if others do not think of me as kind, beautiful, loving as far as I believe that I am

Few days back, I met a girl who had lots of scars on her face. She looked very happy and she was talking to everyone with lots of confidence. People were talking to her but they were looking at her face more. Infact they did not seem very comfortable looking at her face. Her confidence surprised me. I asked her how are you doing. Once we started talking we talked about her scars and she got them. How she became so confident and everything about her is perfectly. She was as beautiful as anyone could be. She said that I am a very beautiful girl. It surprised me further. Then she started laughing and said that my definition of beauty is different than others. Everyone is following a definition given by someone but who is this someone we do not know. I have my own definition of beauty. I am not talking about beauty in heart. I am talking about my facial beauty. I am beautiful with this face. It is simple, I believe I am so I am. Why should I wait for others approval when I know it is going to be criticizing. People would look at me from their own perspective and judge me and break my confidence. Why should I let them do that. So I allow only myself to judge me. If I would let others do that, they would only break my confidence make it difficult for me to live happily. I want to be happy, so it is my decision that I look at myself in my own mirror rather than through others mirror. In the meanwhile she saw a small child sitting on the road looking at a coffee shop with starving eyes. Without even child coming to her, she bought a pastry and took that to the child. She moved her hand over his head and said that next time he can come and ask her, she comes there many times. That beautiful face had a kind and loving heart too.

Often we see ourselves from others eyes. We get upset or happy about what others are talking about us. Which means, we are giving others the power to control our emotions, our energy and life. Why should we do that? Why can’t we decide for ourselves? Why can’t we set own parameters of beauty? Why can’t we simply tell ourselves that I am beautiful and accept it gracefully. Why do we have to put down ourselves so much. Why can’t we accept a compliment gracefully when it is given. Yes we do not even accept compliments. When someone says, you look great, instead of saying thank you we say many other things like oh, it is just like that, you are exaggerating etc. I am beautiful and it is important for my self image. Why do I have to believe as per others? I believe I am beautiful, it is more than enough. But for this I have to believe in it.

So everyday, look into mirror and tell yourself:

I am beautiful, I look beautiful
I am loving
I am kind
I have a beautiful body ( Instead of telling it, you are fat, this part is not good etc)
I love my body and I am grateful to it

Tell as many as time as you want (After all we have been criticizing this body for a long time)

This face, this body is a beautiful gift and we must respect it, love it, appreciate it.

by Sheetal Jain