Saturday, April 13, 2024
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What we are searching is inside us. If we are searching god outside us we would never find him.

I looked around me and I found nothing. I looked inside me, I found everything.

This everything means everything. Before we talk about God, let’s talk about how we got everything inside us. We are creating our physical life with our mind. Most of us don’t realize this. Things are happening as per what we have thought about in past or what we have been thinking now. Often we wonder I had never thought like this but in reality, lots of events are result a result of a thought process which is leading to future event which we have created or they are result of some conflicting thought process. Like a gentleman wanted to be a businessman. He was thrown out of his job and to feed his family, when he did not get any job for a year, he started a small shop and then eventually had set up a factory. Similarly, a gentleman wanted to marry a girl who understands criticality of the relationship, got married to a divorcee later on. We do not know what is creating what in our life. However, if we would start observing, we would be able to relate with lots of things. If we are creating everything, it means we are creating what we do not know also and that is this creation and the Universe itself. It is like a a situation that if a hen came before egg or an egg came before hen. If we are creating the Universe or the Universe is creating us. If we are creating the Universe it means, we are the creator. If we are the creator, it means we have the power of God inside us as only God has that power. If we have his power, then where is the difference? It means we are God, there is no difference.

Now, to reach to this point, we have to start looking inside and then understanding each and every point inside us. When I was a small child, I always heard that it is difficult to find God. We have to take many lives to find him. Then our Vedas and Bhagwad Gita say that God is inside us. The spirit inside us is God. The divine part inside us is God. It mean, the spirit inside us is the connecting link. Then why are we searching outside? Ofcourse if it is inside us, and if we are searching around us, we would never find God because we are searching at wrong place. If we have to find anything, we have to find that inside us because what is inside us is as vast as this Universe. We would find that inside us and then we would see that around us too. It is like we ask a small child to find a box and he does not know how does it look like. So the child would keep finding many things but box. However, if we show the box to the child and ask him to find it, it would become easy for him to spot. Similarly, when we see what we are seeking inside us, we would be able to spot that around us immediately. So look inside and you would find what you are seeking.

by Sheetal Jain

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