Aamir Khan Homeward-Bound After Shoulder Injury on Set of Dangal


Bollywood actor Aamir Khan injured on the sets of new film Dangal in Ludhiana and is flying to Mumbai today for a week’s bedrest and painkillers on doctor’s orders.


Aamir, 50, hurt his shoulder on Saturday afternoon at Ludhiana’s Guru Nanak Stadium. Filming has been impeded and he will have to wait for the doctor to decide at the end of the week when he can go back to work. Dangal, in which plays stout-fellow Mahavir Phogat, has been shooting in Ludhiana for the last 40 days.


Aamir’s spokesperson as saying, “Aamir had been filming a long action sequence that expected multiple takes from different angles. When he slumped during the final take, the unit thought he had pulled a muscle. He was in agonized pain even after half an hour of rest and ice packs. He couldn’t even stand up. He was then rushed to the hospital where it was diagnosed that he had suffered a serious shoulder injury.” He was believed to have been doing his own stunts and action scenes.


Aamir’s role in the Nitesh Tiwari-directed sports biopic has generated several headlines because of the weight he’s hold on to play Mahavir Phogat. He weighed over 90 kilos when filming began and was having trouble breathing and walking, actor Gautam Gulati reported after taking a flight with him.