Aamir Khan represent Censor Board as ‘Aggressive, Dangerous


Aamir Khan, who was speak at the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards on November 23 said that the censor board has become “a little aggressive” recently.


The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chief Pahlaj Nihalani has invited the ire of the film industry, the viewers and his own board members after he reduce the length of kissing scenes in the latest James Bond movie SPECTRE.


whose kissing scene with actress Karisma Kapoor in 1996 film Raja Hindustani is contemplateĀ  to be one of the longest of such series in Bollywood, joked that he feels “lucky”, when asked about his reaction to the kissing series in SPECTRE getting shortened.


PK star said that though he has not had any personal run-ins with the censor board of late, he feels that the body’s lately attitude is “worrying”.


If a film is certified ‘adult’ then you should be able to show pretty much everything because an adult can decide if he or she wants to watch the film. There is no censorship expected after certification. That’s our understanding of certification. But as I understand it, it has been a little rampant in its outlook in last six to eight months, which is worrying. I hope it changes, Aamir said at the award ceremony in Mumbai.


I don’t have personal experience with censor board of late because none of my films have come up for censorship, but what I have heard being reported is that it is behaving in a weakly alarming way.


The actor then said that the word “alarming” might be too sharp to use in the case but he feels that the censor board is reacting to things that earlier we as free and adult people could make our own like as to what we want to watch.


Censor board is supposed to give the age for which the film is applicable” he added.