Your attitude is your manifestation of favor or disfavor, no matter people like it or not but you expect everyone to deal with it if they don’t. sometime we find people disputation and in such  scenario letting them know they can’t change your attitude you just pass a simple dialogue on them tells how cool you feel about being you. Your attitude is depend on your mood.


Attitude-Quotes background_black_II_by_Artbox_DA_FotorHath per ghadi koyi bhi Bani hoye….  per waqt apna hona chahiye da hai”
Dunia me SirF 2 Chize hi MasHoor Han,Mera Style OR Mere GF Ki SmiLe….

Hum ‘Kimat’ nal nHi ‘Kismat’ Nal Milde Haa….



Na chhuri rakde ha,or  Na pistol rakhde ha, DILWALO da beta hu bas dil wich jigar rakhda hu!…


Log sade to jal rahe han…Lagda hai apne sikke bhe Is seher wich chal rahe ne..

Umar che to apa chota ha per Bade-Bade Aashiq sanu salam thokde Ne…

Kale Rahna Mera Attitude hai….??
Mere door Hamesha khula ha Tusi Jado Marji Mil Sakde ho..
Mera attitude meri Zeb Vich hai…!!!

Mera Attitude Dosre de behaivor te Depend karda hai…

Mera Style vakhra hai Copy na kro..
Beauty in the skin & Attitude in the bone!..
Zindgi che Sucess hon lye positive Attitude Chaida hai….
Mera Attitude is “GoD” gift and koi be Is ne mere to lai Nahi sakda..

Jatt da ‪‎dmag te pind de ‪jwak, je vigad jan ta ‪‎bhot made ‪‎hunde aa..??
Desi jeha Jatt c brandy ho gya _Tere piche lag ke trendy ho gya..!!!

Sometimes people a high five on the face with a CHAIR.

I am who i am, you approval is not needed.

I am not perfect but I am limited Edition.

I will win not immediately, but Definitely.

Silence is the best answer to a FOOL.

My attitude is based on how you treat me.

Always remember you are unique, just like everyone else.

My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my BED.

I am multi talented, i can talk and piss you off at the same time.


A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you cant go anywhere until you change it.

Baat unhi ki hoti hai jinmain koi baat hoti hai.

I tried being like you, my personality didn’t like it.

Men also have FEELINGS, for example they can feel HUNGRY.

if-you-are-bad-i-am-your-dad unnamed-5.webp_

Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude.

If you can;t convince them, confuse them.

I know i am awesome, so i don’t care about your opinion.

If a plan didn’t work, Alphabet has 25 more letters.

I was reminded that my blood type is Be Positive.

The quickest way to double your money is to FOLD it in half and put it back in your pocket.

When i was born, i was so surprised, I didn’t talk for a year and half.

DP to lagalu par teri aukat nahin hai.

An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.

I want my Girlfriend like Google, She will understand me better.

1330601425_attitude_boy Real-feelings tumblr_mum5cxfBNI1sugyu7o1_500 Whatsapp_Status_Ideas

Every problem comes with solution, but my GF don’t have.

I Wish My Parents Were Like Google…They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete..

Every problem comes with some solution…If it doesn’t have any solution, it’s a Girl!

I am not Spiderman Nor Superman However i am superhero for my GF.!

WIFE & INSULT Are Somewhat Similar, They Always Look Good,IF IT IS NOT YOURS!..