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Hyderabad: Telangana and Andhra Pradesh More than eighteen students were deported by US authorities.

For the US to join the various universities were canceling their visas were sent back from the New York airport. They returned at Hyderabad airport by three different airlines.

All his documents were valid, the John F. Kennedy International Airport airport to the US Customs and security officials complained of interrogation and abuse.

Students without drinking water and food, was detained for several hours.

The temperature was cold in students, the authorities ignored their requests to stop the fans. They carry guns for questioning officials said.

The authorities fail to withdraw and return home, for five years in the US has threatened to bar their entry.

They asked students to all the questions and all the answers satisfactory despite having valid documents, although no reason was given for not sending them back.

Northwestern Polytechnic University was to join, another student, California officials have a problem with my visa, I bought a visa, so they asked me.

The student that if he wanted to re-apply for admission to another university and can come back.

Were enrolled in universities, the students also sent back. Students institutions were not blacklisted by the US authorities that the authorities were not convinced.

Students from two Telugu states after landing in the US in places like Dubai, which was either sent back is the latest in a series of incidents in recent months.

Universities after completing all formalities including the left, approximately 90 students were sent during the last three-four months.

Were enrolled in two universities in California, back on December 19 San Francisco San Francisco on Air India from Hyderabad airport to board the plane stopped another batch of 15 students.

US higher education and achieve their dreams shattered and suffering heavy financial losses with their parents, their future has urged the Indian government to protect.