Bengaluru boy wrote to PM over flyover


The Indian Prime Minister’s Office has acted on the letter of Abhinav, an eight-year-old boy from Bengaluru who had petitioned PM Narendra Modi about an ‘incomplete flyover’ leading to traffic jams in his city.

Concerned on over reaching school late due to traffic snarls caused by an under-construction flyover, an eight-year-old Bengaluru boy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The under-construction flyover is causing problems for the people in surrounding area and especially I reach school late. I decided to write a letter to the Prime Minister after my grandfather advised me to do so,” the boy, Abhinav, told reporters.

The work on the flyover, which falls on the way to his school in Yeshwanthpur, that causes delays due to traffic jams, said Abhinav, who stays in Doddabommasandra.
It takes 45 minutes to travel a three km distance from home to school. When Asked why he wrote a letter to the Prime Minister rather than the municipal party, the boy said, “The Prime Minister can solve any problem and hence I wrote to him

To his delight, after two weeks, Abhinav received a response from the Prime Minister’s Office saying that the concerned department had been asked to look into the matter.
Abhinav is now hopeful that the problem would be solved soon and that he would not get late to the school.