Bigg Boss winners Gautam Gulati, Gauahar Khan, Juhi Parmar disclaim reports of Salman deciding the winner of Bigg Boss 9!


A lot has been altercate about Salman Khan favoring Mandana Karimi on Bigg Boss 9. Even during my exclusive interview with wild card contestant Puneet Vashishta, he declared how Salman decides the winner saying, “Everything is finalised according to Salman. I am not saying the show is scripted but you really need to be in the good books of Salman to last on this show! Last year Gautam Gulati won the show because he is so much like a version of Salman. Toh socha hoga haan chalo yeh meri tarah hai and he won! This year I am so sure Salman is going to make Mandana Karimi win. I decided to get in touch with the past winners of Bigg Boss right from Gauatam Gulati to Urvashi Dholakia.


To be very honest, this show is very difficult where everyone is bound to get insulted at least once. Even Arya Babbar who belongs to the popular Babbar family faced a tough time on the show! Had it been planned, plotted by Salman, vo Arya Babbar ko winner banaate na? So I don’t think there’s any truth in whatever Puneet Vashishta has gone on records saying Salman is going to make Mandana win Bigg Boss 9. It’s up to you how you deal with the frustration level inside the house. Why will Salman decide the finalist? If that was the case then Salman who is now a producer, would have easily given me a film. Main ab tak unki picture mein hero hota. So it only depends on all the million fans watching the show and not on Salman. Salman as a host only puts forth his opinion on whatever situation be it which I think he has all the rights to do it.


There are effectual bodies that manage the voting system! So it can never be possible that Salman will decide the winner. All that you hear is just dil ko behelane ko ghalib yeh khayal accha hai. That’s all I can say. And I am not following this season.


Juhi Parmar: I don’t think one can question the honesty of a big channel like Colors and someone like Salman Khan who is such a great human being.


I really don’t think that happens. I had no relationship with Salman, then why would I win? If that was the case then the whole deal of voting and viewers’ emotions getting attached with every participant and voting religiously. I don’t think an accurate channel like Colors will play with something like this. To see the relationship of the votes, there are auditors who monitor the votes and you can even question them to show you who’s got how many votes. But I don’t think one can question the relationship of a big channel like Colors first of all and someone like Salman Khan who is known to be a great human being. He is very black and white. He calls a spade a spade and I really relate to him because I am also one of those people who is black and white and there are no grey shades for me. Salman may have his personal likes and dislikes about the show and its contestants but as a host I think he is doing a fantastic job. And I really don’t think he is somebody who will tamper the results of a show like Bigg Boss.



If he had a say in it then he knew a lot of people during my season. So they should have won, why did I win? See not every contestant has a probable to be the winner. There are very few selected people who have the probable and I think Salman’s experience speaks when he puts forth his opinion about anyone. He must be thinking just like one of us. He just has an opinion and he has mentioned that time and again on the show. He isn’t in any position to clarify this to anyone because that’s lame. See you know there is a spacing between being a loser and a sore loser. So it depends on how you choose to be. By the end of the day, its a game and somebody has to lose and one has to win! People talk a lot about lot of things and time and again they have used obnoxious statements about any random thing and have played their game! So its okay let everyone have their own opinion.