Coin have two faces : Good Policeman And Bad Policeman


India is a country where people always hesitate to approach the police for any kind of help. This is only because of some of the bad policeman, who are impolite and indulge in inappropriate behavior in public.

Where many such incidents happen everyday, this one really goes viral. One Sub Inspector in UP Police cruelly hit and destroyed the typewriter of a 65-years old man working as a typist outside GPO. That type writer was his only source of income.

65-years old Kishan Kumar, works as a Hindi typist and used to type letters outside General Post Office in Lucknow. For last 35 years he is been writer letters in Hindi for people and earning his bread and butter, as merely as Rs. 50 per day. His source of income, his typewriter was broken into pieces when a cop kicked it ruthlessly.

After this incidence went viral, and the reporters asked the old man, very disheartedly he said, “Maybe this country no longer needs Hindi just like it doesn’t need my old typewriter”. This incidence left him in vain and wonder how will he earn his livings as he did not have the money to buy a new typewriter, which would cost Rs. 5000.

When this entire incidence was going round on the Internet, SSP and DM of Lucknow wanted to keep the trust in policemen intact. The cop who broke the typewriter was suspended. Also, a brand new typewriter was gifted to Kishan Kumar following the orders of the UP Chief Minister.


May be this happened only because the entire incidence went viral and was bringing bad name to the entire police system. It was the power of Internet that brought back a typewriter for Mr. Kumar, else today he would have been fighting to earn his Rs. 50 a day.