Decrease Sugary Drinks Cuts Calories, But Only A Few


London: Britain and Mexico rather than study, to reduce sugar in sweet drinks or more people to limit their calorie intake and of developing diabetes can help to reduce their crisis cut consumption for the taxing suggest.

British medical journal Lancet published today in the journal Endocrinology and Diabetes and the two separate pieces for either approach between about 16 and 39 calories a day can lead to a drop in the found.

The British Parliament’s health committee, including sugary drinks to fight child obesity in November last year, called for tough measures, but a spokesman for Prime Minister David Cameron said he did not agree with this and other measures will propose.

Professor of cardiovascular medicine and Chinese campaign group Action on as Graham MacGregor of Britain who led the study, its impact on the positive effects of calorie reduction was not strong, even though many years have dramatically across a large population individuals can.

Drink more than five years’ a gradual reduction in sugar content – without replacing it with artificial sweeteners – is the best way, he suggested.

“Our study of the strategy to reduce energy consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages could have a profound effect on the obesity period and therefore may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes suggests.

His team’s research in the UK for five years, added free sugars in beverages over 40 per cent of the possible outcomes used to assess the predictive modeling.

The result is that the average reduction in body weight of 1.2 kg, leading to the end of the fifth year of 38.4 calories a day will lead to a drop in energy consumption showed an average.

500.0000 is the result of fewer adults being overweight and being obese less than one million – in turn in the next two decades between 274,000 and 309 000 cases of obesity-related type 2 diabetes would be to stop.