Dilwale new song release tomorrow


That’s how Shah Rukh Khan represent Dilwale’s love anthem that’ll be out this Wednesday! Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol have probably been the most evergreen jodi on screen over the past two decades. At a time when most of the Khan films have younger heroines, Rohit Shetty wanted something totally opposite. And he cast Kajol-SRK both one more time.


Dilwale trailer gives us a  flash into the world of the film and also endow us with a sneak peek of the sizzling SRK-Kajol chemistry, the first song from the film will be launch this Wednesday. A source demonstration, The love anthem featuring SRK and Kajol that has been filmed in Iceland will be launched on December 18. It will be a gala affair.




Every song has a Clear cut reason in the film. They have a celebration song, and then there’s a dream series song which is more than life with the cast. Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua is a romantic  track with Kajol and me in it.” Shah Rukh also reveals that Rohit had imagining the song much before they picturised it. “Rohit felt that since Kajol and I are come back on screen after so many years, we should at least try to make this song stand out, something which is better than all the other songs that we have done together pehle. Aur hum dono ne bohut sundar sundar gaane kiye hai pehle. We are happy to have done those songs. So Rohit was very clear about the whole thing. So his choice of locations, the details of the clothing, everything he’s paid attention because he wanted to.”




It captures the old world charm of Kajol and me and still produced in a manner which is much Rohit Shetty,” he smiles. Although there are a lot of montage shots of SRK-Kajol in the trailer, there are barely two scenes featuring the two in the 3 minute something trailer. Rohit interpret, There’ a special reason I planned it this way. If you see, I haven’t shown you too many scenes of Kajol and Shah Rukh because if I did that, the charm of the film would be lost. Woh charm aapko theatre mein dekhoge toh you’ll realize kya wajah hai aur kyun kiya gaya hai aisa.



The biggest attribute of Rohit as a director is that he is very clear about what he wants from his actors. He wants all his actors to better what we have done before. He tries to help the actor improve himself. Shooting for the song was extremely arduous. Rohit who was extremely kicked about this special song ‘skipped shooting in Hyderabad to come and see how the song is shot’. Jo sariyan hawa mein ud rahi hai, who Rohit ne aapne haath se udaye hai. It was indeed cold there and it’s extremely difficult to walk but Rohit did everything with so much ease. Those things you’ll never got to know. Shayad making mein aaye! So when the director is excited to help his actors, I think the actors become much better and the song, in turn turns out to be good as well.