Facebook Now Hide Activities After Your breakup


Facebook will now negate the entire point of its existence by offering to hide your ex after a breakup.

It is not doubt, that Facebook is used by millions of users around the world. Facebook often surprises user with new features and interface in the popular social networking site.
Facebook added a new tab called Photo Memories, a little box on the upper right-corner that displays old photos that you were tagged with your Facebook friends.
Few days, back Facebook announced new tools in its mobile app, which let you to see less of your ex after you change your relationship status.21-1448098968-02

Based on the number of Facebook arguments between people who are “friends” but not really friends, the feature isn’t obvious enough for most people. Now, when you change your relationship status to “single,” Facebook will directly offer to hide posts by and about the person with whose statuses you will now only like, not like like.twophones

But probably even better than a feature to keep your mind off of what your ex is doing, it’ll also allow you to block them from seeing your stuff whether you do this is a manners to shield them from your awesome new life or for other reasons us up to you.

The new tool is being tested in the U.S. on mobile app and later the social networking giant will make changes and roll them out further based on people’s feedback.

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