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Healthier Options To Sugar

Sugar is not healthy for us. But Sugar is a must add ingredient to a cup of tea or coffee. It’s not even about the fact that it makes us fat. It’s about the devastating health effects it has over time. But we’re humans, and from time to time we crave sugar. It’s not unhealthy to satisfy these needs, but not in excess.

The good news is that there are plenty of healthy alternatives to refined sugar that you can use in your everyday life, whether it’s in your lemonade, or in your baking.

Honey is the most used substitute for sugar. It goes really well with your tea, with a lemonade, you can use it to sweeten homemade vegetable milk, or you can simply eat honey with a piece of bread, and butter.

Brown Sugar: 1362279755_brown-sugarAdding a tablespoon of brown sugar to your cup of tea can be very beneficial to your health. Brown sugar is loaded with minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron),which can help boost your immunity and keep diseases at bay.

Dates: original1.805410.3
Dates are extremely healthy and are considered to be a safe option for diabetic patients to choose over white sugar. Dates can be crushed or can be made into a syrup and then added to tea or coffee. Make sure to add a little, as date syrup can be extremely sweet.

Coconut Sugar:sucre-de-noix-de-coco-une-meilleure-option-au-sucre-blanc
This sugar is all natural, it’s loaded with potassium, and has an amazing tropical flavor. You can use it in smoothies, when baking, or when making some delicious pancakes.

Stevia:stevia-plant-powder-130912Stevia is also one of the well known healthy alternatives for sugar, and it is actually extracted from the leaves of a plant. It is not only a great alternative to sugar, but it has zero calories. On top of that, it has many benefits for your health, such as lowering blood pressure and helping fight diabetes.

Jaggery (Gur): jaggeryheader_small-610x300
Gur or jaggery is a favourite food substance among Indians. Gur can be added to a cup of tea or coffee and it is healthier for the heart and blood, since it contains properties that improves your blood circulation.

There are so many sugar healthy choice and substitutes out there, which are extremely versatile.

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