Imtiaz Ali – Not work with Ranbir & Alia


Bollywood Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali has refused reports that his next project will bring together Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

The director said there were no plans to cast them together at the moment.

“Unfortunately that’s not what I am going in for. Ranbir came to interview me and Alia during promotion of ‘Highway’, and at that time we talked about working together. After that there has been no follow up on it. So, someone published a story based on this. But that’s not the plan,” Imtiaz told PTI.

Although, the director has start work on a story, which he hopes to finish writing “as soon as possible.”

There were also reports that Imtiaz had offered a script to Shah Rukh Khan but the superstar had rejected.

“These reports are untrue. A lot of journalists are agenda ridden This is not true. There has been no kind of formalisation either way from Shah Rukh or me,” the director said.

Imtiaz’s latest film “Tamasha” received mixed reviews from audience and critics but the director wasn’t affected by them as he feels a “different” film takes time to reach its target.

“Something different takes time. A lot of people weren’t expecting this. When Ranbir and Deepika come together, people expect a regular love story, a good love story. So, a lot of people were thrown back while watching as the movie was quite different than what they thought.

“It will reach where it has to reach. The worst kind of reaction (for ‘Tamasha’) could have been, ‘It is ok. I don’t really care (about the film).’ I am glad this didn’t happen. A lukewarm reaction would have been bad. I believe in passion so a passionate response is great…,” he added.