In bigg boss Deepika Padukone Said, will you marry me Salman Khan


Day 42 will go down as a red letter one on the Bigg Boss calendar, at least for host Salman Khan, because it’s not often that he get a televised proposal of marriage from a top Bollywood actress.

Deepika, looking rather likeable in a Bodice shirt and trousers, was on Bigg Boss 9 on Saturday to promote her new film Tamasha and was drafted into playing a ‘game’ by Salman.

Salman, 49 going on 50, is Bollywood’s most eligible bachelor and appeared perfectly taken aback and slightly alarmed when his 29-year-old guest went down on one knee. “Salman will you marry me?,” asked Deepika.

The reply, when it came, was in the negative – sort of. “You’ve won the game, I’m out,” Salman told Deepika, defeated.

Here’s what went down and we imagine the alarm would have been on the other side had Salman answered otherwise. It caused Deepika a moment of disquiet as it was.


The proposal and its subsequent rejected aired in the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss.


recently, there is a safe distance of a thousand-odd kilometres between Deepika, who is in New Delhi, and Salman, who is in Mumbai.