kind of New Shark Can Light Up The Sea


New York: Researchers can light the dark and deep sea that has discovered a new species of lanternshark.

Etmopterus benchleyi, newly identified species discovered in the Pacific coast of Central America is only lanternshark.

capacity to shine in the oceans is one of the 40 other lanternshark species.

New species at maturity coloring, proportional body measurements, dermal denticles are arranged, and based on a combination of size, can be distinguished by their relatives.

The black coloring, the other on the lantern sharks seen as opposed to the gray’s and Brown, California, US Pacific Shark Research Center, lead author of the study said Vicky Vasquez.

Sharks also have a different number and give the ability to shine lanternsharks small cup-shaped part of the photophores, has been distributing.

Other lanternsharks photophores all over their stomachs, but the new shark is low, and most are concentrated on your head.
Researchers signs of a thorough analysis conducted in 2010 observed species.

Researchers have not yet really shine new shark, they just like their lanternshark relatives, the new species is also a blue light turns off.