Mercury In Haryana, Punjab Rising Brings Respite From cold


Chandigarh: The minimum temperature rose slightly as the region was more active, cutting the cold wave today with a western disturbance temporary relief to the people of Haryana and Punjab.

The weather department official weather system from the western disturbance and adjoining plains of northern Pakistan over Jammu and Kashmir and the minimum temperature was active.

Today in Chandigarh 8.6 degrees Celsius, three notches above the minimum temperature was recorded.

Hisar least one notch above 7.3 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal while Ambala in Haryana, 8.3 degrees Celsius was recorded.

Mercury deposition during the last few days is going to be close to the point where Bhiwani, 5.5 degrees Celsius minimum temperature which settled within the range recorded in the boom.

Amritsar in Punjab was a place which was 3.6 degrees Celsius.

Patiala least two degrees above 9 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature of 10.1 degrees Celsius while Ludhiana who settled on three notches.