My girlfriend’s behaviour is irritating me.


My girlfriend thinks she has a great sense of humour. Often, however, she overdoes it. She keeps making fun of me and cracks jokes at my expense. I find her behaviour irritating.

I get the feeling that she is trying to be one up on me. I have told her about the situation, but she refuses to understand. When she is out with her pals and I am around, they all gang up to make fun of me. For a while, I would play along, but now I can’t take it.

I feel she is going overboard. I have tried to knock sense into her, but she refuses to pay any heed. She often messages her close buddies detailed stuff about me. The other day, I saw her SMSing her friend about how she had make a fool of me. Of late, we have been often fighting about her behaviour. I have given her an ultimatum to change her stance or face the result.