New Mathematical Method Shows of Structure Neural Activity in the brain


Scientists said,  A newly-developed mathematical method be able detect geometric structure in neural activity in the brain.

Vladimir Itskov, associate professor of mathematics at Penn State University in the US said. Scientists associated with neural activity to a specific external stimulus is needed.

The new method of neurons without us knowing in advance their work will allow for the detection of organizational structure is shown, in which our way ahead of our time without an external motivation to learn will be able to reveal the structure.

With unknown function of neural circuits in the brain to uncover the structure to develop a new mathematical toolkit is the first step, “said Ms. curto.

Already in the field of pure mathematics was used primarily for experimental data on the activity of the cells and replacing them is applied, meaning that part of the brain neurons in the field of algebraic topology is the approach adopted in its environment animal’s position, “said Ms. curto.

The rats were allowed to roam freely in their environment – a behaviour where the activity of place cells is straight related to the location of the animal in its environment.

The other two conditions found in the space between the cells in activities similar structure. The storage cells, the researchers tested the geometric organization.

Mr. Itskov said. That “we explored the structure was similar in all three experimental conditions, because we place cells in the hippocampus are raising fundamental organization.