Railways at Rs 3.69 Per Unit Electricity supply by adani power


Which will result in saving of around Rs 150 crore annually. because Indian Railways on Thursday entered into an agreement with Adani Power for supplying 50 MW electricity at Rs 3.69 per unit for three years.

Indian Railways average rate of 6.75 per unit of electricity was purchased. Adani Power Limited for the three-year period kWh (unit) landed a tariff of Rs 3.69 per contract is awarded.

In Gujarat,  Adani Power will supply 50 MW of power from its 4,620 MW.Indian_railwaysThe agreement between North Central Railway and Adani Power is signeture after successful bidding using the model document issued by the Power Ministry.

After clarification from Power Ministry regarding understand licensee status, Indian Railways have to procure electricity  straight from the generators to tariff.

The statement said that this is the first step in migration strategy of Railways for procuring power straight from generators as ‘deemed licensee’ instead of discoms as per the pleading of Central Electricity Authority (CEA).

Solar-Power-on-Indian-Railways-1In his rail budget speech he had  indicated that Railways can save around Rs 3,000 crore by rationalize power cost.

Indian Railways Rs 12,000 crore in the first 4,000 MW every year and now costs less than Rs 4 to Rs 6.75 will come down.

Early next year at less than Rs 4 per unit and save around Rs 700 crore annually. India Railways is in process of awarding three contracts for supply of 585 MW of power.

Railways has already inked pact with Ratnagiri Gas & Power Private Limited (RGPPL) for supply of 300 MW at Rs 4.79 per unit.