Re-opened Dance bars in Maharashtra, rules Supreme Court

Dance bars re-opend in Maharashtra

New Delhi -The Supreme Court allowed dance bars to reopen in Maharashtra.

In a Contentious move in 2005, dance performances in bars of the state were banned, but three-star and five-star hotels were kept out of the zone of the Act.

The govt could not preserve this differentiation when the ban was challenged before the Supreme Court which, in July upheld a Bombay High Court decision quashing the state government’s order, ruling that the ban was discriminatory and violated the Constitutional right to earn a living.

The supreme court had ruled that bar dancers could resume working after bars got back their licences for performances.
In Last year, the Cabinet had occupied ministers in-charge of Excise, Home and Parliamentary Affairs departments to review the Act and consult group leaders in the state legislature on the proposal to amend the Act and remove the lacuna.

The government had claimed that while there were only 345 licensed dance bars, about 2500 unlicensed bars were doing business in the state.

According to the decision was taken to amend the Act and ban dance performances in three-star and five-star hotels as well.
The govt is likely to table the Amendment Bill in the ongoing session of the legislature.

Minister Harshvardhan Patil said the ban on dance bars will stay and the Bill would be brought in the current session itself. The ongoing monsoon session, which ends on Saturday, is the last of the 12th Vidhan Sabha as the state will go to polls in October.