Researchers Find “You Can’t Be ‘Fat But Fit’ Man”


London: Fat but fit “while rejecting the idea of a new study of the effect of high fitness against early death have found that obese men are less.

Normal weight men, regardless of their fitness level, aerobic fitness in the highest quarter of obese individuals are at lower risk of death compared.

The study by researchers at the University of Umea in Sweden between aerobic fitness and in life after death, as well as obesity affected examine these results to an average of 29 years for average men 1317713 followed.

The risk of early death than normal weight individuals was higher in obese individuals fit.

Aerobic fitness of the participants until they had to stop due to fatigue cycle tested by asking them.

The top level of aerobic fitness for men, compared with those in the lowest level of death was 48 percent lower risk.

Suicide and alcohol and drug abuse related deaths were observed.

Shock of a strong association between low aerobic fitness and mortality authors.

Aerobic fitness is a strong genetic control, given that these organizations could be affected.

High aerobic fitness at the beneficial effects of increased obesity, and those with extreme obesity had no significant effect at all.