Rishi Kapoor’s on Twinkle Khanna’s birthday sent a ‘Shocking’ message


Veteran Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor’s twitter post on Twinkle Khanna’s birthday. Rishi chose a pied way to wish Twinkle on her special day. Rishi Kapoor maybe did not realised that a simple, heartfelt wish will cause controversial in the online world.

Rishi posted, “Happy Birthday dear one! You were in your mums tummy when I was serenading her in Bobby”Aksar koi Ladka” In 1973 lol.”

The senior Kapoor then took to Twitter to explain the situation. He wrote, “Kuch logon ko problem Kya hai? Kakaji and Dimple were married,Bobby was still incomplete,we shot that song when Dimple was 3 months pregnant.”

Well Now, Twinkle however, took the message with the right spirit as she tweeted, “@chint skap thank you chintu uncle – lots of love and a big hug.”