Sohum Shah- Choosing ‘Talvar’ for Irrfan Khan and Vishal Bharadwaj


Sohum Shah is an actor and producer has received rave reviews for his performance in “Talvar” and An actor says it was the opportunity to work with Irrfan Khan and Vishal Bharadwaj which constrained him to do the movie.


Shah, who plays ACP Vedant Mishra in the Meghna Gulzar-directed “Talvar”, was all praise for Bharadwaj’s script and Irrfan’s acting. “The writing of ‘Talvar’ is reliable and realistic. On top of it, Meghna researched intensely for the movie. Another reason to do the film was because I’ve been a fan of both Irrfan and Vishal Bharadwaj, be it ‘Omkara’ or ‘Maqbool’.

“So here I was getting an opportunity to act with him and star in a Bharadwaj production. I couldn’t have missed it,” Sohum told PTI.

The actor, who made his debut with Anand Gandhi’s “Ship of Theseus” in 2013, said he learnt a lot from “The Lunchbox” star while sharing screen space with him. “The thing about working with Irrfan, especially for a new actor, is that you want to grasp everything he is doing. I tried doing some nuances which he did but it didn’t work for me. “I realised you can’t learn directly from him but intuitively. Something which can’t be deconstructed.”

Sohum also supported Irrfan for making him perform better.

“When you work with a good actor it reflects in your work. Irrfan’s little reactions, energy and spontaneity to my dialogues made me perform better.” Based on the 2008 Noida murder case,

Sohum Shah said he was happy with the response as the film achieved its purpose of staring a debate.“I couldn’t get the story out of my head for two-three days. What I had reacted, I knew the audience will react to it as well after watching the film.