The Evergreen Couple Hema Malini And Dharmendra’s Love Story


She was Indian cinema’s ‘Dream girl’, and he was the one and only He-Man of Bollywood. What happened when the two met? Nothing less than a sizzling love story is bound to flourish when two people with drop-dead gorgeous looks come together.


The yesteryear superstars, Hema Malini and Dharmendra, fell in love with each other in the year 1970, on the sets of “Tum Haseen Main Jawan.” That time, Dharmendra was already married to Prakash Kaur, and had two sons, (Sunny and Bobby). But, that did not stop him from falling in love with Hema. At that time, Hema also had turned down several other marriage proposals from actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Jeetendra.

Take a walk down memory lane and revisit the super charming love story of dashing Dharmendra and evergreen beauty, Hema Malini.


Initially, Hema did not reciprocate to Dharmendra, as at that time she was not keen on getting involved with a married man. But then, love happened and they tied the knot in 1980. Before marriage they both decided to convert to Islam, since Dharmendra’s first wife, Prakash Kaur, did not want a divorce.


Hema’s father, just like any other father, was strictly not agree to their marriage, as he did not want his daughter to marry an already married man. Although Hema married Dharmendra after the demise of her father, it still deeply hurt her mother. Going by the media reports, Hema and Dharamendra, were so much in love with each other that they went against the will of their families and converted to another religion.


As per the, their Nikahnama stated, “Dilawar Khan Kewal Krishn (44 years) accepted Aisha Bi R. Chakravarty (29 years) as his wife on 21 August 1979 at a mehr of Rs 111,000 in the presence of two legal witnesses.”


The nikah, was kept as a secret, and later the couple also got married in Iyengar style since Hema Malini is an Iyengar.

Hema Malini’s biography says that she got attracted to Dharmendra because he was strong and silent like her mother. The actress finds her husband very romantic. and says he still looks at her the way he did in their first meeting.


In an interview Hema Malini said that it was the song, “Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana,” wherein she fell for Dharmendra. She also revealed that it was his cute dance moves in the song, which made her fall in love with him immediately. It was rumoured, while shooting a particular scene in Sholay, Dharamendra lured the light boys with money to disturb the lights on the set. The continuous retakes gave him many chances to hold Hema Malini several times.


For Hema, Dharmendra makes her feel special. Neither age nor time has affected their love and affection for each other. They dated for 5 years before marriage happened. they have two daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol.


They truly epitomise love in all forms. Even now, whenever they seem on screen or on any show, they look the same beautiful and madly in love!

This famous jodi of Veeru and Basanti, which is much talked about till date, has acted in 42 movies together. Their on-screen chemistry was as much appreciated as their off-scren one by the aduience. Their love has been evergreen and has played an inspiration for many youngsters.


For Dharmendra as well, falling in love with the ‘dream girl’ was almost instant. No doubt, even after so many years, our hearthrob of Indian cinema has this to say:

“Hema is still my dream girl!”

And, talking about her ever-so-charming and romantic husband, Hema Malini, too has a sweet memory of their younger days to share.

Recalling an incident while in an interview with dream girl, Hema Malini revealed:

“I was shooting in Nasik. He was shooting in Bangalore. Suddenly, he went missing from the sets and everyone got worried. The next day I see him in Nasik. He had driven for 24 hours all the way to Nasik, just to see me. He came and said, ‘I love you so much!’ To love so deeply you must have that heart.”

Now, that is what we would call, true and innocent love!