These Things No Self-Loving & Respecting Woman Should Take Ever In A Relationship


We live in the 21st century where people are more forward-thinking, have skyline that are much broader, and there exists an equality of the sexes. Having said that, still in most countries of the world, women find themselves looked down upon, are ill-treated and feel unsafe. And, the laws of these countries do not side with them in the true sense either.

So, what does a woman do in such a situation? Be subjected to all the injustice, inequality coming her way? Well, not anymore, Not only are women today educated, but they also have the ability and will power to take care of themselves as well as their family very well.

So, we get you a list of things or behaviour that you, being a confident and independent woman should never take from anyone in any relationship of your life.



Who gives anyone the power to hit you anyways? What right does anyone have to hurt you, no matter how close he is to you. And if someone still does, it is not only your right, but your duty too to inform the police. Because sadly, if you don’t do it for yourself, no one else will do it either.

Being used as a sex object


Did God create you to be an object of pleasure to the opposite sex? surely not! Sexual indulgence should always be with the consent of both the partners. And, if it is with only with the consent of one while the other is being forced, then it is not called sex, but rape or physical assault for which you have every right to file a complaint.

Being used as an ATM


Giving people money in times of need because they are close to you is another thing. But, being emotionally blackmailed or harassed into giving money regularly, is something you should put your foot down against. You work very hard to earn that money, and if anyone has the right to decide how it should be used, it is only you.

Abuse that is just not restricted to the physical type

Woman is Covering Her Face In Fear Of Domestic Violence as her partner threatens her with his fist

Being subjected to abusive behaviour by your boyfriend or Husband, being shouted and screamed upon, always having to live with the fear of what he might do next is an abuse in every way. It is an emotional as well as mental abuse, and an indication for you to either try to work things out and if that fails, then walk out. You have your whole life ahead of you, which you have every right to live with dignity.

Being forced to do something


Whether it is sex, leaving your job, joining a job which is inappropriate, or anything else, you have every right to say no. Why should you be forced to do something that does not seem correct to you? Always remember that! Nobody is the boss of you girl.

Being stood up almost always


Isn’t your time valuable? Don’t you have other commitments to fulfill and places to be at? Why are you supposed to be ‘ok’ with waiting and not be able to do something about it? It is high time this stops, NOW!

Being forced to look a certain way


If you love yourself, the world will love you. Irrespective of the fact whether you are fat or slim, fair or dark, tall or short, simply embrace and celebrate your body and yourself. Wear what makes you feel good. Never let anyone force you to look or dress in a way you do not want to.

Your guy not being proud of who you are


If your husband does not take you along with him to his office couple parties, does not like to be seen in malls and other crowded places with you, or if your boyfriend introduces you as a friend to someone while actually you are his girlfriend, you need to stop that Immediate. If he feels so ashamed of you for whatever silly reason, he does not really deserve to be with you!



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