Thief Entered Hotels In BMW, Broke Parked Cars To Drug Habit


The 33-year-old son of an wealthy businessman, who would be driven around in his white BMW as he restricted thefts at posh hotels and bars to fund his drug habit, has been arrested.

He said that more than 70 are thought to be involved in such cases. Police also received part of the spoils, which in its two drivers, with the caught until any suspicion has attracted never charged.

Ramchandra Dhawale of Bandra police station said, The accused was arrested late on Tuesday night. We suspect his involvement in several cases.


Irfan Memon, a resident of Bandra pond, Mumbai and Goa is the owner of the online lottery business, which is the second son of a textile merchant. His family had to struggle to get rid of the habit of drug left at the end and she took to thieving to keep the cash rolling in, after which the money was stopped.

He was even sent to a rehab centre twice, but that did not help. He is complete addicted to a costly liquid drug. After his family stop giving him money, Irfan being to commit theft.

Irfan However, the weekends – when the rest of the city took to partying – were when he went to work, targeting the rich patrons at five-star hotels and snazzy clubs.


Irfan committed the crimes mainly on Saturday and Sunday nights. The bigger advantage was that he was being driven about in a BMW and was well dressed, so he got easy entry to posh hotels and pubs. No one ever stop him.

Irfan would ask the driver to go to the parking lot and target another vehicle there. Before entered pubs and hotels, people usually leave their belongings in the cars. With the help of a glass cutter, he would break into the cars and steal laptops, bags, phones, music systems, etc.

After stealing the items, Irfan would sell them and use the money to buy drugs. He also gave some money to the two drivers, who would also use drugs. The crime only came to light when API Mahesh Gurav of Bandra police station got a tip-off about two drug users who had stolen items. Gurav find Anwar and Nazir at their Nalasopara residences and brought them in, and they led the cops to Irfan.