TV actor Moin Khan dies trying to swim


Tezpur: TV actor Moin Khan died while plunging in river Kameng near Tippi in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh.

A five-member team led by the director team was ‘camping’ at Bhalukpung Eco-Camp for filming the documentary, the sources said.
Bhalukpung is in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh and about 120 km from Tezpur.

Earlier, the team had visited Manipur and Nagaland on shooting purpose. The team was filming their film at different location in Tippi, sources said here. Yesterday, during shooting near Kameng River, Mumbai based actor Khan, who himself a good swimmer, went for swimming in the river.

Reportedly, he told his team members that he would cross the river and back, police said. While crossing the river, Khan lost his confidence, perhaps due to strong current of the river, and tried to come back to the shore. But, the victim was drifted away in the strong river current.

He was swept away in the downstream of the river. Immediately after the incident, vigorous search and rescue operations were conducted by the rescuers but, all in vain. Finally, his body was found in Assam tomorrow after 24 hours of vigorous search operations conducted by police and drivers, sources added.