Video: Uttar Pradesh police silently – nude dalit women


After Dadri lynching,This video clearly depicts the showed lower caste people in Uttar Pradesh suffer from. Few months back, a Khap Panchayat had ordered to rape two sisters of a lower caste family, where the son got entangled with a higher caste girl. 

The toughness of the police know no bounds in India but they are sometimes recorded without the interference of the skunk police officials. In a shocking video of the Uttar Pradesh police’s inhuman treatment, a couple of women who are being reported to be of low caste and a man are nearly stripped completely naked. The word shocking is thrown around a lot of social media but this really is a shocking video .

One woman who can be seen wearing her brassiere to save her piety or what;s left of it after such a slimy way of treating another human being. She probably was wearing a sari or another form of clothing with a blue piece of cloth covering her head. The 49 second video shame every parts of your body that makes us a decent society. We must warn you that the video is graphic and viewer prudence is advised because such a video cannot be easily unseen or forgotten.