Watermelon Boy’ Found Fame As First ‘Viral Hit Of 2016’


Melbourne:  A 10-year-old Australian boy who ate a whole watermelon, including its skin, at a cricket game in Melbourne has  cognizable cult status after his stunt was rated as the ‘First Viral Hit of 2016’.

Mitchell Schibeci was captured on live television enthusiastically choped on the fruit as he watched the Melbourne Stars-Melbourne Renegades clash at the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground on Saturday.

Commentators at the MCG were shocked to see him chomping into the fruit, skin and all.

Cricket has a new hero. Splendid work on demolishing an total watermelon young man. Well played.

The People magazine said, kid eating an total watermelon at a cricket game is the ‘First Internet Hero of 2016’.

Mitchell, now dubbed as the “watermelon boy”, told the BBC that he presumed the stunt to get his face on the game’s big screen.

That eating the whole watermelon was tougher than expected.

It was a lot more hard work than I thought it would be… I just kept on eating and eating it.

Mitchell said he had been eating watermelon rind after the age of two.

I’ve been doing it for a long time – I just like the taste of it.

The clip of Mitchell tucking into the watermelon was picked up as ESPN’s Play of the Day, but he has not let the notice go to his head.

I’m not really a hero, I’m just a normal kid, Mitchell said.