You need more people for gangrape, says Karnataka Home Minister K J George


Karnataka Home Minister KJ George has his own definition of gangrape. The minister believes that gangrapes can only be define so when there are three or four or more attackers.

kj Home Minister KJ GeorgeSpeaking to some television channels over the October 3 incident wherein a woman employee of a BPO was gangraped by two men, George said,”How is it a gangrape if two people rape? Shouldn’t there be at least three or four people for it to be called gangrape?”KJ George held a security criticism meeting with top police officials of the state in Bengaluru on Thursday. Talking to reporters after the meeting, he said the administration has arrested three suspects in the case.

George, however, added that it was the responsibility of the company to provide transportation to its employees.This is not for the first time that George has issued a Contentious comment. In November last year, he had accused the media of highlighting sexual assault stories for TRP ratings.”What has happened to the media? You want only such news, you are showing only such news to increase your TRP. Show good news, it will be good,” George, who was facing severe heat over increasing sexual assaults of minor girls in Bengaluru schools, had said.