10 Exercises to Increase Height


1. Once hanging
You’re seeing a little adverse gravity, squeezes and cartilage thins their spines and joints, compressing affects their height. Hanging on a vertical bar is an easy way to deal with this problem. Hanging in the lower torso stretch weight comes back on the bridge decreases and vertebras. Rather it immediately, results in increasing the height from 1 to 2 inches.

One for the horizontal bar to move the body with room to expand that allows to be placed at such a height. Your body can not fully detail, then slightly bend your knees in order to move around freely. Once grasping, while sure your palms are facing out. Gravity effectively pulls the body forward so that your hands rest as possible, keeping the shoulders and waist are hanging. For additional benefit, you can try wearing ankle weights. With a gap in between the process should last for 20 seconds and should be repeated at least 3 times. This is definitely a good choice between the height increasing exercises can be considered.

2. dry land swim
Start off by laying down flat on your stomach. Your body should be fully implemented. Direct your palms facing downward toward the floor with your arms in front of you and hold. Then raise your right hand over your left hand. Keeping your legs straight, from the ground as you can in the air lift your right leg. Stay in this position for at least 4 seconds, and then his other leg and repeat the process with the other hand. You have to hold the position for 20 seconds should aim. It tones the muscles of your lower back and your resistance will increase as more beneficial, add wrist and ankle weights.

3.Pelvic Shift
Being extremely simple, it exercises your hips up and down the spine of your body and stretching helps.

Begin by lying on your back can. Keep your shoulders and arms firmly on the floor. Now you can bend your knees and your feet as close to your buttocks draw. To thrust his pelvis upward arch your back. This position must be held for 20 to 30 seconds. The exercises give you more flexibility to stretch the hips enables.

4. Cobra Stretch

Thus making it soft and flexible, have to stretch your spine. This is due to the increase in its vertical height, is beneficial for the development of cartilage between my vertebrae. His face on the floor under your shoulders with palms down and lie on the floor. Up your spine as a high angle to the main arc of his chin. As far back as possible arches. At least 5 to 30 seconds between 3-4 reps with each repetition should be run.

5. Super Cobra Stretch
Arched spine perpendicular to the floor and keep your arms start by. Now you bending your hips, bring your body to create an inverted V position for. While doing this, tuck your chin against your chest and then return to the original position. Each repetition should last for 10 to 20 seconds.

6. With one leg Hopping
Never being one of the simplest exercise, watching television, playing at the park or any other work while doing any kind of activity in the course, which can be anywhere. Pointing to the sky with his hands on his left foot and then the same way eight times, hop, hop on your right foot. This bouncing action of growth hormone brain development, the strengthening of the legs and is beneficial for generation.

7. Pilates rollover
This excellent workout helps pull your spine and provides added length to his upper body. And the vertebrae of his neck lengthens.

Your side and palms facing down with your arms by lying on your back with Start off. Keeping your legs together straight up toward the ceiling, making them expand and touch the floor to bend them backwards. Thus touching the floor may appear difficult at first, but with practice it will become easier. And you stretch, the more your spine lengthens.

8. Spine Stretch Forward
Girl in hamstring stretch to touch toes
Let sit on a mat with your legs straight in front. Your feet should be shoulder width apart and your feet flexed about to be enhanced. Inhale and extend their arms out in front of you. In doing so, bend and try to touch your toes to the tips.

You are able to touch your toe tips, then flexed his spine to the maximum extent can try to pull even further. Initially it may seem difficult, but the situation can be achieved through regular exercise.

9. Cat Stretch
Also known as Indian Dandwat, this exercise open up your spine and your shoulder, chest, hands and back to strengthen. Put a strain on your stomach, while it basically stretches your hamstrings. It is beneficial for blood circulation.

With their arms locked out of place on his hands and knees on the floor. Flexing breathing down your spine and your head down and in an arched position while bringing up your spine, exhale. In this case the spine should be arched. Keep your shoulders straight and elbow high. Your pelvic bone should touch the floor. Each repetition should last for 3-8 seconds.

10.The Bow Down
Put your hands on your hips with a straight stand. Leading with your head, bend as far as possible, be made in this case. Always bend your knees and keep your chin to your chest does not remember. Each repetition should last for 4-8 seconds.