14-year-old help found injured child in Gurgaon Home

14 years old girl rescued from a businessman's residence in Gurgaon

In shocking occurrence, a 14-year-old girl, working as a domestic help, was on Wednesday found locked in a cupboard in a businessman’s home in Gurgaon.
A 14-year-old child from Jharkhand , has been admitted to a hospital.

According as report : She has mentioned that she was beaten by her owner with a mop. She also claimed that she used to get only two chapatis a day.

According to police, the girl’s uncle brought her from Jharkhand earlier this year and handed her over to the businessman.

Police rescued the teenager with activists of the NGO Shakti Vahini. On receiving a complaint by a neighbour on Wednesday evening, police raided the businessman’s home but could not found the girl and returned disengaged. The family had locked her in an almirah. Again Police received similar complaint on the helpline number and this time found the girl in an insensible state behind the closet.

IN Reports said the girl had bruises below her waist, her eyes were swollen, and had a deep cut on her back.