BIGG BOSS 9: Kishwer Merchant out of the show before grand finale


this is a shocking news for all Bigg Boss 9 and Kishwer Merchant fans. What was really unexpected took place when in a sudden turn of events, Kishwer Merchantt decided to quit of Bigg Boss 9.

Kishwer is left the show with a whopping amount of Rs 15 lakh.

Mandana Karimi left the task frost leaving Kishwer and Prince to compete against each other. In the midst of the task when both of them were putting their all to win the task, Bigg Boss gave an open offer to both of them that one of the two can leave the house with the prize sum of 6 lakh. Bigg Boss made it even more interesting when he hiked it to 8 lakhs.

But Kishwer and Prince were actually hoping to get a bigger offer and when Bigg Boss finally raised the sum to 15 lakh, Kishwer pressed the buzzer thus accepting the offer and happily left the show.

She was quite happy after leaving the show. She also took to Twitter and wrote: “Thank u guys for all the support and unconditional love .. missed u all so much!