Bigg Boss 9: Now Rochelle Maria Rao and Roopal Tyagi turn


Bigg Boss 9 contestants have been living inside the house for more than a week, cooking their own food with the limited supplies that they get after the luxury budget task.

Though they cook good food, it is various from what they eat in their day-to-day life and that has irritated a lot of the contestants till now.615375

Tonight you will see Rochelle Maria Rao and Roopal Tyagi throw tantrums over food. But will it be over the quality of food? No, that won’t be the case.

The duo will be seen bitching about how people are just eating food disorganized and a few of them aren’t getting food when they are hungry.

Rochelle will be seen complaining to Roopal about how she doesn’t like eating parathas at some times and when she is hungry that time it is over.

Roopal will also be seen cribbing that people use sugar in parathas and when she needs sugar for coffee, that time it is over. She will also suggest that the food items should also be rationed like how they have rationed eggs.

The duo will even predict that this scenario will create problems in the future. Aman will also be seen getting involved in the conversation and he will agree with the two ladies.

What will happen in the Bigg Boss house tonight? Will this issue be raised? Or is it another topic that will just be discussed behind everyone’s back? Tune in to Bigg Boss 9 tonight to know more!

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