Boyfriends Don’t Care About These Things


A survey carried out on a social media website asked women single and committed – Most women Avoiding from opening up about their hidden secrets, which clearly indicated that there’s a lot to hide! But, the poll witnessed a rapid fire of some of the most Condemnation full answers given by bold and fearless ladies. we told you that your man actually doesn’t care for some of the things you do. According to a new research it is said that there are some things boyfriends actually don’t care about.

Shaved foot & Hands:
If your legs and hands are not shaved Don’t worry, because it is no worry for a man. Men pay less attention to the tiny hair on your pins, so don’t head to the parlour at the last moment just to wax it off.

Young romantic couple lying together in bed

The Natural smell : Men prefer women who smell naturally good. Men resent the idea of odor on his woman when making love too. So, if you go natural, he is going to like you for who you really are.

high angle view of a couple hugging in bed

Make-Up kits:
If you ever wondered how manages to look so pretty all day long, The truth is, men actually prefer women sans makeup.121353402

Your Shape & Figure : If your in Figure it is for your own good and health. However, he doesn’t mind if you don’t have the curves or even if you do! Men love the rack, and if you’ve got it. stay blessed !tumblr_l7ijxvMQqU1qc4e03o1_500if you perspiration in bed, don’t worry as this doesn’t matter men too. Men love it when you sweat in bed. It makes them feel good.