“Christians, Muslims worship same God ” Christian professor suspended for saying this


A General evangelical Christian university has suspended a tenured professor after she argued that Christians and Muslims “worship the same God” and donned a hijab to express solidarity with Muslims.

The official school statement Tuesday about associate professor of political science Larycia Hawkins’s suspension said Wheaton professors should “engage in and speak about public issues in ways that faithfully represent the College’s evangelical Statement of Faith.”

Although, It wasn’t clear how long Hawkins was suspended for, but some of the student leaders who had been involved in talks with administrators said she was suspended for entire semester, reports the Washington Post.

More than 100 students of the school protested on wednesday afternoon but administration refused to lift the suspension order.

In her Facebook post she reffered to a Christianity Today interview with Yale theologian Miroslav Volf on the topic. In the piece, Volf said that “all Christians don’t worship the same God, and all Muslims don’t worship the same God.

But I think that Muslims and Christians who clasp the normative traditions of their faith refer to the same object, to the same Being, when they pray, when they worship, when they talk about God.

The reference is the same. The statement of God is partly different.”
In her Dec 10 post on Facebook Hawking also wrote about human solidarity among Christians and Muslim.

“I stand in human solidarity with my Muslim neighbor because we are formed of the same primordial clay, descendants of the same cradle of humankind,” she wrote. “I stand in religious solidarity with Muslims because they, like me, a Christian, are people of the book But as I tell my students, theoretical solidarity is not solidarity at all. Thus, beginning tonight, my solidarity has become embodied solidarity.”
About 40 students had drafted a letter Tuesday night asking Ryken to reconsider the suspension