Class X Girl Sets Herself on fire – Indore


Sick and tired of inaction against a man who had been harassing her for over four months, a Class 10 student set herself on fire in Indore. The 17-year-old girl was admitted to Indore’s MY Hospital with severe burn injuries, died late on Sunday.

The girl’s parents claimed that they had approached the police complaining about a man named Sachin, who used to harass her regularly. The police had then detained Sachin but let him off after a warning. But Sachin didn’t mend his ways.

Girl’s father Ramesh Meena, a resident of Simraul, told reporters that Sachin had again started to trouble his daughter while on her way to school. Upset over the continuous torture, the girl poured kerosene and set herself afire on Saturday.

SSP Headquarters Anjana Tiwary, however, said that the harassment angle was revealed by the girl’s parents two days after the incident. The probe has now be handed over to DSP Vijay Singh Panwar. Tiwary said that the police is investigating the case from all angles as they are dubious over some points revealed in forensic investigation.

Simrol police station in-charge SD Mule denied any mishandling of the case by the police. He claimed that in her statement, the victim had said that she was cooking food in the kitchen when her clothes caught fire. Mule said that even the girl’s parents told the police that she suffered the burns while in kitchen.