DDCA official demand for sexual favours in return for selection: AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal says


The delhi and District Cricket Association and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal accused in a television interview that a DDCA official had texted the mother of a junior cricketer to “come to my place at night” for her son to be selection.

In an interview to NDTV, Kejriwal claimed that the mother is the wife of a senior journalist, whose son was in contention for one of Delhi’s junior teams.

The journalist was ready to testify before the Delhi government’s Commission of Inquiry about selection irregularities in the DDCA, Kejriwal said.

“A very senior journalist called me on the phone who is a very good friend of yours,” Kejriwal said. “His son plays cricket. He told me,he got a call that his son was selected. In the evening, when the list came, his name was not there. Can you believe that the next day, the journalist’s wife got an SMS that you come to my place at night, your son’s selection will be done.”

In Last month, the DDCA had picked the Under-14 and Under-16 squads after holding selection trials for over 1,000 junior cricketers.

“Since there are no leagues for under-14 and even the school cricket circuit hasn’t evolved in DDCA, teams are decided after open trials,” a DDCA official said.

Kejriwal said that “apart from the financial irregularities, there were other major wrong things happening including the sex racket”.

He said PM Narendra Modi should decide “whether to make DDCA inquiry invalid to protect Arun Jaitley”.