Different Reason of Heart Failure in men and women

Female doctor with the stethoscope holding heart

Nearly 3,000 adults aging hearts, a new study shows that men and Mahilyo that heart disease is the cause of aging.

MRI scans of nearly 3,000 adults hearts analyzed, the study found. In both sexes, the heart chamber, the left ventricle – is filled with blood.

Results of the research led by scientists at Johns Hopkins University in the development of gender-specific treatment may require that seen in men and women is highlighted various forms of heart failure.

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and senior author of the study Professor Joao Lima said. “Our results heart disease in men and women may have different pathophysiology are a demonstration of that concept.’

The researchers said, about the structure and function of the heart muscle MRI scan previous studies tend to provide more detailed images. And using ultrasound to assess changes over time is heart.

John England said. “Thicker heart muscle and heart chamber volume small age-related heart failure was found, the disease may develop for different reasons men and women are meant to indicate the observed increased risk of gender diversity.

More than five million Americans have heart failure affects the heart muscle and the potential loss of pumping capacity gradual “floppiness” and is marked by weaker.