Easy Method To Improve Breast Cancer Treatment


A simple and non-effectively lower the need for invasive tissue samples, breast cancer treatment to determine the appropriateness of the current practice in a simple and non-invasive imaging method that can replace that.

The results of individual patients more treatment method that could lead to the suggestion.

University researchers said Jens Sorensen, the new method could bring in the future aggressive tissue samples, Uppsala in Sweden.

Growth factor HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2) measure to determine the right treatment for breast cancer is a tool.

HER2 targeted therapies are expensive, in order to save the lives of many women.

The current diagnosis of HER2 expression elevated surgery or needle biopsy of the liver, bones and other organs is based on tissue samples obtained.

The purpose of the study the whole body PET / CT (positron emission tomography / computed tomography) imaging based on a simple and non-invasive techniques, development, and one in patients for invasive measurement of image analysis was to compare the results.

The study included 16 women with metastatic breast cancer treatment.

Metastatic cancer originated in other parts of the body, body part reflects the spread of the disease.

Results in metastasis amount of HER2 expression was measured with the new method.

The amount of HER2 expression in metastases in many patients, often leading to a change in therapy, apart from the primary tumor was found.

Our study of a patient with therapy and medications HER2- end goal of treatment in two patients.