EU To Unveil Contentious New Border Defensive System


The EU was set to unveil today Contentious proposals for a new border and guard agency in respond to Europe’s migration crisis, with powers to intervene even when the host country does not consent.

The new 1,000-strong force is point at slowing the record flow of almost one million refugees and migrants to Europe this year, mainly from the war in Syria — the worst crisis of its kind in Europe since World War II.

Member 28-nation European Union are hostile to a plan which could see them cede sovereignty over their own land and sea borders to bureaucrats in Brussels.

The European Commission, the strong executive arm of the EU, will propose that the new agency has the “right to intervene” to defend the security of the EU’s passport-free Schengen area.

The Agency must be able to step in to ensure that action is taken on the ground even where there is no instance for assistance from the Member State anxious or where that Member State considers that there is no require for Extra intervention.

The EU can send in teams of guards in case of a surge at a special border, or where a member state has a “deficiency” in the management of its borders and had failed to response to warnings from Brussels.

Germany and other countries in the zone have in the last weeks reintroduced temporary border controls to cope with the migrant crisis.

The fear is that if those controls become permanent, the 26-country Schengen zone which ensures the EU’s core principle of freedom of movement, would collapse, taking the idea of a single, united Europe with it.