Nirbhaya’s murderer juvenile to start ‘life afresh’ as a tailor?


The Delhi High Court has said that three years after on December 20 that the killer would be free and will be taught entirely tailoring.

Nirbhaya’s parents were aghast that their daughter’s killer has been released! Rather, he says, like the rest killers should be punished.

The Centre is also opposed to his release after the Intelligence Bureau explicit doubt that he has been radicalised during his stay at the juvenile care centre.

The fact remnant that juvenile – now 20-year-old – has served the maximum detention period of three years permitted under the Juvenile Justice Act.

Nirbhaya case: 70% feel that juvenile’s release will go against principle of justice

Even as the tussle over his release plays out in the HC, a report in The Times of India suggests that the Delhi government’s department of women and child growth (WCD) is ready with a rehabilitation plan for the juvenile. Under the plan, Nirbhaya’s killer will get a one-time financial grant of Rs 10,000 and a sewing machine so that he can start his life afresh as a tailor.

It is important to also add that the juvenile comes from a very poor family. His father is mentally ill, mother is in a state of semi-shock ever after she came to know of her son’s actions, younger siblings are too young to eke out a living.

The family may be expacting that the eldest son of the house will come back and pull them out of their pathetic being but the enormity of his crime is such that the voice of those who oppose his release can’t be drowned.