Garbage: Parties At City Park Cause public obstruction


South Delhi park in a municipal community, are creating events and late-night DJ parties on the “to” a trash aversion “and noise pollution is the residents, has become a source of concern for normally public nuisance “.

P-block in Jangpura Extension residents and in other areas in the park is used for public works, and the police station is hardly 200 meters.

Rekha Bhardwaj, who lives opposite the park, they remain the pain is in full view, since the pre observed them from your home.

People left from wedding receptions and other functions, and trash with more aversion and late-night DJ parties are becoming a source of annoyance. she said

My mother is very aged and heart patient, but DJ parties, because we are very anxious. This upset my kids like the students in their studies, some DJ parties go on until late after midnight.

When a police officer by law, we are not allowed to play after 11 pm DJs and people do not listen, then we should be seized their musical instruments.

Some residents also “Following complaints, the police arrives and stops playing DJ.

MCD Kasturba Nagar ward within, and p-block park, next to the “Mother’s Awakening ‘(religious congregation) with community events such as the’ Dussehra Ground” are held in.

Kasturba Nagar ward councilor Ravi Kalsi P-block park has become a “factor of concern for people, and she says,” away from residential areas, near Defence Colony flyover is considering finding an open community site.

They leave a trail of trash wedding functions, and only in the morning, clean place. Sometimes, there are holidays, the garbage will lie here for days until the next working day, adding that the park bordering its temporary store.

Yesterday, some schools were not fair and lied trash night. Tentwallahs kicking the dirt, cleaning mats was only in the park.

As per municipal norms, parks can booked for functions online, and clients take to deposit a security fee of Rs. 500.

Customers are responsible for cleaning the premises. We clean them up the next day, after work hours, unless you can get clean area.