‘Healthy’ Food Can Make You Fat?


New York: Generally, obesity, people eat healthy food when they are less filling with the idea of ​​being “healthy” allies, because they eat more than the recommended serving size, the researchers say one of the main reasons for Considered as one of Indian origin, including food.

The recent growth of healthy food label rather than reducing it ironically contributing to the obesity epidemic.

Colleagues “healthy equal less filling” intuition used to investigate a multi-method.

A major university study was conducted with 50 undergraduate students and an inverse relationship between the concepts of healthy and filling the well-established to provide evidence Implicit Association Test was employed.

In the second study, 40 graduate students and experience Mr. hunger level to test the effect on the health roles is portrayed as healthy or unhealthy a cookie after the participants’ level of hunger with a field study had gone.

The third study before viewing the actual amount of food consumed in order to measure the amount of food on the health effects of roles in a realistic scenario was conducted with 72 students.

Three sets of studies, consumers are less filling than healthy diet unhealthy foods that have an underlying belief.

The researchers showed a front-package nutrition influences consumer decisions and behavior using the scale as opposed to unhealthy eating healthy one portrayed.

Surprisingly, consumers healthy diet unhealthy foods are subject to the same prejudices, at least fill that do not agree with this idea.