Amazing Detox Drinks


Detoxification is a process during which the human body basically flush out the toxins and other unhealthy substances from it. This entire process can really help you if you are overweight & you are willing to persevere with detox dieting.
We encourage you to try out this form of detoxifying if your willpower is strong enough to withstand days without your favourite foods. Without further ado, here are some of the best detox drinks you can find and try for yourself

Lemon & Ginger Detox Drink

Ginger and lemon

This amazing drink is very simple to prepare – all you need is lemon and ginger.

How to prepare it:
Just mix lemon with water, grate your ginger on top of your glass and you’re good to go. This drink is marvellous because it gets your stomach ready for the meals ahead.

Ginger helps kick-start the human metabolism early in the day, while lemons represent a natural detoxifier. Drink this detox drink as soon as you wake up, straight out of the refrigerator, no longer than 30 minutes before your breakfast. You’ll definitely feel refreshed and ready for your daily routines!

Orange Surprise

Dreamsicle 5

opposite to its name, this drink doesn’t contain any oranges. If you want to start your morning with a treat full of healthy vitamins and minerals, try this beautiful mixture of carrots they give this drink the orange colour, apples, celery and limes.

When it comes to the apples, pick green ones that are sweet tasting, as you will want this beautiful cocktail to taste as good as it looks. In order to prepare this beverage, simply wash and slice two apples, two carrots, one stalk of celery, and no more than five small limes. Next, process all those ingredients in your juicer, and after it’s done, add ice to it. Your beverage is ready!

Golden Detox Drink


This detox drink contains turmeric and powdered ginger. Turmeric contains curcumin, an marvellous active ingredient which improves your metabolism and fights gastrointestinal diseases. This drink also contains cayenne and lemon, and all those ingredients help to strengthen and improve your digestive system. Lastly, the golden detox drink is also an anti-inflammatory drink which is good for your stomach and digestive systems.

To prepare it:
you’ll need a big glass. Boil two cups of water and mix all the ingredients (1/2 spoon of turmeric, powdered ginger, 1 spoon of honey, cayenne, black pepper, and a juiced lemon) into two more cups of cold water. When your boiled water is ready, simply add it to the mixture and enjoy it!

Green Tea


You can’t have a good detox diet without green tea. Green tea has numerous antioxidants which your body uses to fight toxins and some diseases as well. There’s absolutely no reason for you to avoid this drink.

So what’s the benefit:
Green tea guarantees you’ll lose weight fast! Other than weight loss, green tea also helps you reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease.

Super Hydration Juice


This is an amazing beverage which looks as good as it taste. It contains cucumbers, which have some pretty interesting benefits for your body. Cucumbers help reduce water retention in your body and are good for your kidneys. They are low in calories and very hydrating for your body.

To prepare this drink:
Add three large cucumbers, two apples, a handful of strawberries, and some mint to your juicer. Add ice and enjoy!