In kota: 13 children injured of School Bus Overturns


Kota: Because of a technical malfunction of a school bus, injuring 13 students have read and Etawah district near the city bus driver, was overturned.

Madhav hair senior secondary school which results in steering accident, failed to work when the initial investigation suggested the incident occurred.

Were discharged after first aid, the injured students and the driver were referred to the quota for six further precautionary treatment, Station House Officer, Pipalda police station.

12th-graders from school geography survey were on tour at the time of the incident.

In this regard, the case of the parents or the school management will be booked after receipt of the complaint.

In the event the student has received serious or fatal injury.

They are students of the geography of the region Aanasar survey was scheduled to go on tour as a school for their holiday, despite being called.