ISI – Using Women Agents for Indian men trap


Beware now if you confabulation with strangers on Social media. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is now using women to Tempt Indian men.

These women proposed by ISI use Indian names to get in touch with Indian men on Social media.

Lately two such cases have come to light, reports India Today.

In one of the cases two Indians were arrested by Ferozepur police on charges of conducting reconnaissance of the cantonment area.

The accused, Shiv Narayan Chandravanshi, 43, and Arjun Malviya, 35 both hailing from Madhya Pradesh, revealed during the interpellation that they were in contact with an ISI agent Jaya Mishra, a girl who trapped them separately.

“The two accused spier were in regular touch with a woman ISI agent, identified as Jaya Mishra, on the Internet,” Ferozepur senior superintendent of police said.

Previously, An IAF employee based at Pathankot in Punjab was arrested by Pathankot police on charge of passing on strategic information about the air force station to a Pakistani woman.

The woman had contacted him on the social-networking media first, made friends with him and started paying him for the information.

Another Pakistani woman, Fauzia Khan alias Chanda, who had crossed Attari border and travelled till Jalandhar without valid travel documents was arrested on July 30th.